Friday, September 9, 2011

Sept. 9- tearing up the floor tiles

Decided to start pulling up the old press down floor tiles yesterday since my wife has her heart set on black and white checkerboard.  Started with a scraper, which was mildly successful- these are all glued down with a heavy black mastic, mind you, not just the normal glue.  I graduated to a flat chisel, not much luck, and then went to the heavy duty industrial scraper- still not making any headway.  I finally went to an air chisel borrowed from my neighbor.  I had better progress, but is was digging into the sub floor as well.  Conclusion for the day- this is NOT going to happen- looks like we install thin hardy backer board and cover it it extra insulation.  2 buckets of sweat, a few more calluses, and a sore elbow...chalk it up to a learning curve.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Sept. 2nd- the roof and trim

Had a nice cloudy morning, so I was able to get up and start working on the roof again.  My original intention was to clean the screw heads from all the tar and gook that had been used to stop leaks over the years.  I discovered that, after much scraping and paint remover, the roof has been replaced at some point with a piece of galvanized metal instead of tin (no wonder I couldn't get it to shine).  The problem is when they cut the piece, they didn't use over lap seams like they do on the sides- they just butt together, thus all the different sealants painted over it.  I pulled the left side J-rail off to at least start cleaning.  I have a couple posts out to find out the best way to reassemble and seal without buying a whole new top.  This is going to get interesting, I have a feeling.
Going camping tomorrow for the labor day weekend- to bad we can't take the trailer, but it usually rains up there in Sedona- don't know which would leak more, my old tent or the trailer  :)