Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nov. 20th - Windows done

Tah Dah- I pulled it off.  Got the windows almost all done.  I am missing one piece of glass for a louvered window (very thick, tinted type-special order), but everything is clean and reassembled.  The four small windows for the back and kitchen are all completed.  I replaced one piece of glass (that I actually broke while taking them apart), but they are scrubbed, brushed and polished.  New gaskets, glazing, trim and weatherstrip. The louvered windows have new brush trim on the sides of the glass, new weather bulb gasket at the bottom- just missing the weather strip at the top- got the wrong type at   I need new window screens on a couple frames, and I think I might try to insert a couple screens on the small windows that are missing.  I tucked them in the back of the shop and got everything cleaned for this coming Thanksgiving.  I am thankful to complete this task, and am wishful that when I finish skinning the trailer, there are no more surprises.  Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nov. 16th- Almost done with the windows

A light at the end of a tunnel- the windows are almost done...too bad it's a long train ride.  I have been trying to get to a window per day, but it's averaged out to about 2 weeks.  I won't get into the lengthy process, but it's basically various sanding blocks, steel wool, then polish...and elbow grease. 
I finally had to break down and buy some parts for the trailer.  Up until now, I have gotten away with paint stripper and sanding blocks, but the time has come when we had to decide how original we wanted to keep her.  The word "Vintage" keeps popping up on all the sites I am reading, so I feel better knowing I am not cheating or cutting corners. I am replacing the window stop and gaskets for the seals- one window has been replaced with silicone putty, and it looks horrible.  I am so glad there are other people out there that care enough to re manufacture 50 year old products for these things.  If we ever sell this beauty, I want the new owner know we did the best we could to keep to the original design.  So far so good. 
Thanksgiving is next week, so I need to finish and get ready for some ping pong (table doubles as my shop table)- happy holidays! 

Friday, November 4, 2011


Forecast has high winds today and thunderstorms tonight.  Had to batten down the hatches and stall the tear up for a bit, so I decided to work on the windows.  Adhesive stripper, 3 different sanding blocks, and some steel wool, and I finished one.  Must be an easier way.