Friday, October 28, 2011

Oct. 28th- removing tin

As I reflect over the last couple days work, a saying that I told my wife keeps rolling through my head, "Next time you have an eye on a trailer that has been sitting outdoors for a few years, leave it there".  Wow.  No really...WOW, did we bite one off.  I took off all the J-rail around all the outside edges and there are no over lapping seams- they were all butt joined, and some had plenty of wood exposed- no wonder this leaked. The back of the trailer is almost 2" narrower that the middle, so someone cut the tin and tried to shrink it a bit to make it tight.  After looking at the cuts all away around the tin, I am convinced the original craftsmanship was done by a blind man.  About half the wood is rotten, and if it's not, the nailing job has completely failed.  I am half tempted to rip this down to the frame and start all over.  At best, I got a nice trailer frame and 2 tires. 
Don't fret, the blog will continue- I am not giving up.  I promised Kim a camping trailer, and I will deliver.  Thankfully we are supposed to have a dry winter, because I think this is going to take a bit.  I will look into re framing it, and also replacing the tin on the roof so it wraps all the way down like it was supposed to.  I think I can salvage all but one side and keep some charm and "battle scars", but I am going to have to bang a few dents out.  I will post some more pics once I skin it all.

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