Saturday, February 4, 2012

Feb. 4th- Cleaning the frame

Well, most of the afternoon and one wire wheel down.  I have it set in my mind to get the frame ready for "whatever" needs to be done with it.  I am forever indebted to my next door neighbor.  He always has "just what I need' whenever I get puzzled.  I went to HD this morning and bought several metal grinding wheel to fit my side armed grinder.  Was just about to set into it, and I thought to ask my neighbor his opinion.  The guy has a tool for everything-  larger side armed grinder and a huge wire wheel brush- my grinding pads would have taken too much metal off, and this thing cleaned the rust off right to a clean frame.  My arms are still vibrating from this thing, but I got 2/3 of the trailer done today.  I am going to take some paint stripper to the white paint at the front hitch, and then clean it up from there.  It is really cleaning up nice.  It also makes it easier to see where the welds are on the original frame.  The back doesn't seem to be very well supported, and the rear support weld is almost at the very back, so if I add a bumper the way it is, it would probably fall off at some future point in time.  Time to bring in my welder friends and re support this thing.  One more little step to do it right or pay for it later.  I still see it.

...A couple side notes- much appreciation to my wife, because every time I make a step forward, I take two steps back to fix something else.  It will come together...I promise!
One other thing- GO GIANTS!!!

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